Noire Femme

Noire Femme is an art installation inspired by my journey as an African American woman. Dedicated to all women, the  greatest inspiration behind each piece  comes from the diverse beauty that we as women encompass  no matter our background. We are inundated with messages of discontentment  and many times look outwardly to find our definition of self. The message of Noire Femme is to love yourself , appreciate your unique genetic code, true beauty comes from within, and our intrinsic value is more than skin deep.

Noire Femme aka The Four Queens has been shared at various venues this past year. I presented them at the Washington State History Museum which hosted Tacoma Art Group, I being the featured Artist for the 100th  Monkey event.  Noire Femme showed at the Festival Sundiata in Seattle as a part of the Black Artist Exhibition 2014 , and at C Art Gallery in Seattle in a collective showing called 40 and Under: Up and Coming Artist August 2013. Most currently the “Four Queens” have been apart of the Boundaries of African Diaspora Exhibition December 23rd thru February 4th 2016 at the University of Washington School of Social Work in Seattle Washington.

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My current series Noire Femme Part II is a continuation of Part I and the message is LIVE. In this series you will find pieces that express not only the beauty and strength of the Black Woman but her elegance and fragility. I have also included in this series pieces that celebrate the African American family united in faith and love. Finally, I have added three pieces dedicated to Black Men which express an acknowledgement of their strength, beauty, and perseverance which conclude the Part II of Noire Femme. I am delighted to say it exudes elegance, boldness, and is very refreshing .

My Abstract Madona series expresses the fact every woman is multi-dimensional. Thus, each piece can be looked at from various angles. I want those who observe this series to come away with an appreciation for women and especially the women in their lives…take time to know. Glad to inform you that a new series has come forward and will compliment the Madona Series…keep your eyes open for new pics to come. Enjoying my exploration with oil paints….interesting…very interesting.