Shattered But Not Broken

Earth shattering
Heart beat beat to the rhythm of tears
Cascading invading my face with reality
Heartbroken mind perplexed
One moment of sex
Lead to a love child
We shall meet one time somewhere
Look into the eyes of the angel that divided my hopes permanently
Dreams of we
Then she
So now your words promises sear my mind like hot sand
Sahara vast expanse eyes searching for one drop quench the thirst of wanting love restored
Lost heart been cored
God mend it back together again
The fragility of trusting another man
They’re not all the same release the pain
Let love flow once again
Through me
Fragments reflect the light 
Shining beyond the abyss of pain
Change my frown into a smile again over powering the sun
One love is mine the keeper of time
Alpha. Omega. Amen
Written By: LaQuita S.Thurman 13 April 2012

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