Breeders Part II

Daughter’s of the Most High created to reflect the glory of God- not of man. Tearless eyes Lost Innocence Squandered Inheritance. Diamonds in the rough. Please comprehend your value is far greater then any ruby. Yet marred by the deceptions of false immitations counterfeits. Void ambitions laced invitations reflections deceptions of one nite of bliss. Bed of Roses turned into thorns of ravished gardens. White washed temples empty for the gates were left open. Mind abducted by false ideas of what could be. Pillar of salt don’t look back. My sista we be Queens elaborately designed for a King chosen by YAH. The nite of consummation. Angelic Host sing. A Royal Marriage Bed with our Heavenly Fathers Blessing.

Written  by LaQuita S. Thurman 7 October 2012

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