Love Me Love Me Not

Well this is one thing I said I would never do…get on a singles site. Needless to say, I did a few months ago and to my excitement my prospect pool multiplied. Great!!! right…well what I have found is the same need to sift through all the “No’s” and waiting patiently for the “YES”. I have met great people on the site and chatted with a few only to see things fizzle …apparently for some age really does not matter. I however have an age preference and will not budge. All the same I finally met a really cool guy and well the time investment begins even though we have not known each other long enough to say we are a “Couple” we are most def on a high caliber conversation level which is so refreshing to actually meet someone talking about something. We have not met ( we live in different states) at this point we have all green lights. Anything can happen at the “Friendship” stage. Since we have been talking, I took myself off the dating site for awhile but realized that it was wise not to alienate myself from other options. After my divorce, I have a weakness of insecurity and that is a problem that I am facing and will overcome, but has been the first red flag to my newest friendship. In conclusion, it is a great risk to put oneself out there weaknesses and strengths. Even though it would seem better to hide ones weaknesses until you are in a relationship and then let your true color show: I disagree. Although difficult, I believe it is best to be your true-self period and if the relationship is meant to be it will be.

9 thoughts on “Love Me Love Me Not”

  1. Indeed, being true to oneself is the best guide in life; however, when one has been burned in the past, prudence is not a bad thing. Until one really know who he/she is dealing with and build some trust in that individual, it is difficult to let go and just be. Some people mistakenly perceive openness as naiveté. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

    1. Rapadoo, your insight is appreciated and very true. Thank you and you are very welcome. Love is patient…One must be mindful and appreciate the journey of building trust and allowing true love to grow into a firm foundation.

      1. Agreed, too bad one cannot pastes his/her heart once the journey begins. I guess that’s the reason why they say love is blind. I say love is naive and complacent, at least at the early stages. 🙂

      2. Hmmm…I understand the phrase “love is blind”…but partially disagree with the sentiment. Love “covers” the imperfections of the one loved to the extent that you choose to focus on their strengths while challenging growth in areas of weakness. One should indeed find satisfaction in a love relationship and it is not naive to expect this for it is apart of being in a mature committed relationship. The relationship is not two perfect people but rather two people who perfectly realize their strengths and weaknesses and together rejoice over the good while overcoming the bad. It is what I like to call the Evolution of Love…consider the process of planting a seed or for that matter a garden…relationships require diligence, follow-up, and maintenance. We reap what we sow! Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Very powerful notion: Love is about human imperfections, rather than the opposite. Although I agree with your notion of imperfection, I maintain that there are elements of naïveté and and complacency in the early stages of love encounters. Once lovers come back down to earth, they do notice each other’s flaws, things the overlooked when blinded by love and infatuation.
    I appreciate the discussion. Keep writing and we’ll keep talking. 🙂

    1. Perspective Perspective Perspective….we are both right… the quality or content of “Love” in the context of relationships is dependent upon age, gender, and life experiences. We could talk about love for some time 😉 and the various types…all dependent on an individual state of mind. My poem “Young Love” is a prime example of what I am referring…Iron sharpens keep the conversations following. Bless!

  3. Infatuation is not love at all…becuase infatuation is a tempoarary state of being based on random emotions that change as fast as the weather in a Coastal City. Love is a principle that when applied acknowledges both strengths and weaknesses. Love is built and fortified by faith and trust that when I stumble and fall there is forgiveness and restoration….transparency within a relationship and knowing that you are loved and accepted. Love in full maturity is reached within the bounds of marriage.

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