Is It Real

Is It Real?

Well I must confess

When one professes love

You get put to the test

What type of love is it?

Is it lust?

Is it infatuation?

Is it your imagination?

Like steel is it real

Able to overcome life’s trials and resist the slightest apprehension

Bending to release tension that comes through trying circumstances

Like rubber can it flex the blows of imperfection?

Wrong attitudes, great disappointments, and misperceptions

You know love is a principle that cannot be compromised

Stable and steady like a drop of rain in due season

Fresh like a fragrant flower in bloom

Powerful and able to overcome every obstacle

Like an avalanche or torrent of rushing water

Like a tsunami washing over me through me

Use me God who is love

Written By: LaQuita S. Thurman 2008

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