Atmosphere of praise…

He wore a crown

A crown of thorns

Piercing his brow

Blood flowed mingled with sweat and tears

Symbolizing the release of mental captivity

Delivered me from every wrong thought

Delivered me from every backward motive

Delivered me from thoughts of suicide, death, and demise

Please loose me from the devils venus fly trap

Seeking to kill me softy slowly ingest my insides out

                                                                       Leaving a frame of dust and air 

Void and utterly senseless

Is that not what world-lings are

Empty shells manipulated like putty

Spewing senseless rutterick

Utterly worthless communication is what destroys rather than builds

By His stripes I am healed

So the power of satan and the world with all its appeal

Has put a bitter taste in my mouth

Now washed out with the power of praise

Transforming dark atmospheres into sanctuary‘s

Expelling all fallen angels

Welcoming angelic host like sentinels surrounding me with heavenly light

Darkness has taken flight satan and company included

Their plight nothingness ashes to ashes dust to dust for there is no rest for the wicked

-lsthurman-March 2013

Copyright © LSTHURMAN Press

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