Taking the World By Storm

Taking the world by storm

Never conform to the most horrific lie ever told

Lucifarian counterfeit clowns

Cut down with the relentless sword of truth

I thought you knew…taking no prisoners…the violence take it by force.

For our weapon of war are not carnal but mighty

Pulling down, uprooting, and destroying with principle

Planting seeds of right doing, right living, and right speaking

Child of the Everlasting Kingdom

Ambassador with a message for all ears to hear

Blazing a trail this world has never known…receiving divine directive daily

 God is commander and chief

On the battle field of life no relief

It seems at times I’m weak on the brink of collapse

Then my guardian angel pulls his wings back

Whispering heavenly messages of hope

Hold steady while the battle is raging

Keep your position never mention your doubts

Only trust in the refuge of Gods strength

Front-lines gett’in shook but won’t break

Defeat comes to all those who rise up against

The Army of the Lord of Host

Victory is ours.

-lsthurman- 13 March 2013


3 thoughts on “Taking the World By Storm”

    1. Thank you Jackie…yes indeed…there is this beautiful hymn that says ” What wondrous love is this….” oh how to be loved in only the perfect way God loves…total fulfillment.

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