Moment of Truth

In contemplating this tedious process of dating and seeking companionship. The beauty of loving and being loved also comes with the risk of heartache. The heartache is not just those of us who have experienced divorce but also the disappointment of investing time and energy in these friendship that fizzle out for various reason and bring us back to square one. What I have realized is my passion and desire for companionship and having a fruitful relationship with children is a gift from God. However the most important thing is that God become bigger than my desires and passion…why…nothing in this world can satisfy the longing soul. For those of us seeking companionship we will not find a perfect individual but a son/daughter of the Most High God who is on the Potters wheel being transformed from glory to glory. So my question to you is what are you looking for? God said ask it shall be given seek and we shall find knock and the door will be opened. We must be honest with ourselves about what our needs truly are and in praying and fasting making our request made known unto God. He loves us and wants the best for us so give your heart to him first before you try and find a companion to set your heart upon. If we seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness all things will be added to us may the Lord help our unbelief and let us be honest and all players delivered. God loves us but our righteousness is filthy rags. Remember every good and perfect gift comes from above…so be encouraged.

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