Life lessons in uncertain times:Beloved you can be certain.

Hmmmmmm…exhale. It has been awhile since I have written at length via my digital journal…I have written new poems on scratch paper. I decided to complete my manuscript before uploading anything else. Now back to the title: Life lessons in uncertain times..Beloved you can be certain…A whirlwind of activities has been going on nationally, internationally, and personally. The political climate is “straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel” while locally random acts of violence are breaking out daily in the local paper and news headlines. All of these birth pains leading to a climax of what we cannot foresee. Our White House in political slumber on the peoples issues while people are dying, starving, unemployed, underpaid, seeking justice, and all this while lavishly getting paid (working class dollars at work) they cannot feel the pain of the average citizen they are far out of reach to the sting of poverty, late bills, bill collectors,health insurance policies or the lack thereof, and student loan threats/debts. Frankly I am tired…the pursuit of happiness..what does that mean anyways??? I was told as a child that hard work paid off, if you do not work you do not eat, and laziness is a sin. Okay so being a workaholic has not kept me from experiencing some of the above mention typical stresser of an everyday citizen… so all these life lessons in uncertain times…Beloved you/me/we can be certain God will work all things together for our good. I believe. Do you?

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