How does one copyright originality…

It is a great gift to be full of ideas and constantly producing work, poems,  and music. It flows like water through the gifted and for this great treasure in earthen vessels we should be thankful. It is true our gifts are meant to be shared with those we love, our neighbor, our community, and humanity at large.  Sadly when people seek to exploit others gifts due to selfishness it rather creates a burden.  Short story: one year I was admiring this gorgeous photograph of a white rose in a powerpoint presentation while waiting for my turn to step on stage and sing. It was lovely and my name was within this particular slide with the white rose. Speaking to the person next to me…I said what a beautiful photo I could not keep my eyes off of it… it looked so familiar to me. She ( the one who put the powerpoint together) says…yeah I copied it from your Facebook page. I looked at her shocked(my thoughts)- how could you just publicly post my pictures without my consent and think it was okay—Her response was that anyone can make a copy of your pictures there on the internet. I said please never do that again that is my work.  Please respect my work and never ever seek to duplicate, sale, or copy without my permission and/or consent.

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