Ubuntu Exhibtion

Ubuntu is an ancient African word which means “humanity” to others.  It also means ” I am what I am because of who we all are”. It is my goal to speak to this humanity that is within all of us to inspire individuals, community, and families to come together.It is truly exciting for me to have an opportunity to Curate my first exhibition at the University of Washington. I smile every time when thinking about it and look forward to more opportunities to curate other shows and events. I will also be doing an Artist talk sharing about my technique, work habits, and inspiration in creating my Art. It is a blessing to share art, appreciate art, and connect with my community at large in experiencing the message of Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu Exhibition opens July 12th, 2016, 8am to 5pm @ UW Tower in Seattle Washington. There will be an Artist Receptions July 14th, 4pm to 6pm @ UW Tower with live performing Arts and there will be a closing reception September 22, 12 noon to 2pm with Artist talks, Reflections, and Spoken Word. Community is something to celebrate so for me Ubuntu Exhibition is a celebrations of the  beauty in our community, supporting each other, and leaving a beautiful uplifting legacy to the next generations.

As my people of Kenya like to say in Swahili ,Umoja! Unity!

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