Broken Fragments

In June, I attended a two-day Public Art: Public Action training session. We heard from city officials, Transportation Department, Pierce Transit, and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department representatives on their plans for the Subarea of Tacoma Mall. It is great to know our city is seeking to make improvement to beautify our community while partnering with local organizations, businesses, and Artist to do so.
I am apart of a 12-person cohort, chosen by City of Tacoma to explore the community, design a temporary public art project, and implement a plan to engage the surrounding Tacoma Mall area community. After doing research within the community, I decided to address the issue of Mental Health.

The title of my project is Broken Fragments and the theme is self-love. I am a big fan of Art Therapy which is a means to destress and relax the mind while being creative and producing art that makes one smile. I taught a one-day work shop at Marlene’s Market and Deli. The participants were given materials to decorate a heart shaped piece of wood with positives words of affirmation. The art work produced will be apart of the overall piece displayed at Caribbean Grocery on 54th

Broken Fragments is a mixed media piece which seeks to provide a positive affirmation with words. Mental health is essential to daily living. Art Therapy is a great way to encourage self-healing and through visual arts or hands on art projects promote positive messages into the community and atmosphere. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has found Tacoma Mall area to have high percentage of individuals affected by Depression and Mental Illness. Broken Fragments encourages self-care while promoting positive self-talk and behavioral change with Art Therapy. It is my hope that the Broken Fragments will heal and inspire the community.

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