Dieing to the part of me that fears the unknown….

Today I watched the movie Black Swan…..what evolution what tragedy what a reality check…..” The only thing holding you back is you”….if I am indeed my worst enemy I am also my best supporter so my mind has just dropped some layers that are not promoting the betterment of me and create unnecessary weight for the journey. I am so tired of half way speaking my mind and eating my words that are meant to be spoken especially to those that you love…what good is it to withhold the truth and say you are fine when you are not……how pathetic…that those who love you most can look you in the eye know that your perishing and let you slide by with such a pathetic response. Realistically though sometimes…..loved ones get tired of hearing about your sob stories or the fact that your situation has not changed..”I’ll pray for you”……okay but pray what exactly…people have been praying all kinds of things and what has happened is one tragedy after the other. Does this mean I am damned and if so surely God has allowed it and who can deliver me if God turns the other check to my suffering…WHO…the fact is it hurts seeing those you love in pain but never turn your back God says we should weep with those who weep rejoice with those who rejoice…I feel painful moments in life come and must be embraced celebrated because they are not permanent just a temporary state of things with life draining emotions…that can be expressed through various art forms in order to release the tension and get the toxic out of the body….Cheers…the sun is shining and things are looking better already because my minds eye has been opened and can see my prosperity therefore it shall be

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