When the beast roars….leaves whisper

Why is it that people just go out of their way to be hateful…for no valid reason…just hateful!!! If you have ever experienced the fire of racism you know what I am talking about….this man (won’t mention color) saw me driving through  a residential area, he was coming from a parking lot and dashed he large black Cadillac right in front of me and within in second could have side swiped my car….HELLO!!!!! Are you Serious Really!!!…not only that but kept his car at about twenty mile an hour in front of me the whole time after…..RACISM….the man kept evil eyeing me via his rearview….how pathetic. Me and my Aunty just prayed and said stop being such a HATER…just because you see two Beautiful Successful BLACK WOMAN getting their praise on and you wanna just come through with all that HATER AID….anyway his vibes were WAY off but it is his misery not mine. What a sad life to live looking for opportunity to hurt others just because you are envious of my melonine….my Blackness…my intelligence…my gifts…my talent…God is so wonderful to have richly bestowed what no money can buy…don’t get mad at me….God dont make mistakes…His words says give honor were honor is due….so bow that pride and arrogance and just say it….its okay…say it loud and say it proud….YOU ARE SO BLESSED!!!! Amen yes I am and live to praise my Lord every-day just for that fact ….God loves me and every thing in nature proves it to me…NOW… go get you some deliverance at the altar and get your mind right and stop being so BRITTLE…in other words stop being jealous and hateful towards folks who where created sooooo BEAUTIFUL…it ain’t their fault…We beautiful folks must embrace it just like ya’ll need to also embrace it. I read this African Proverb today that read ” There is no cure for hatred”…I disagree the cure is just STOP…refocus and let the love of God change your stony heart….

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