The Sun Is Shining…

My heart is free. There is a cool breeze coming through my bedroom window, the air is fresh, and I can hear little birds chirping and a Crow crowing in the distance. I can also hear a jet flying overhead, traffic a little further passing by, and my Aunt in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for the family. I can hear this chirp coming from the fire detector…needs a new battery. I hear the hum of my computer engine with its fan going. I can hear my own breathing and my slightly stuffy nose from my allergies….I think it time to dust behind the bed cause dust could be lurking. Today I am thankful for my breath and the ability to hear all these beautiful sounds and my eyes to see such beautiful things…alot is going on around me, in my life, and in the lives of those I love…what really made a difference for me last night that blessed me to have good sleep was having a moment to pray with my Aunt for all the things on my heart. God are you listening….I love you and thank you for listening to my problems and concerns and taking the burden from my soul….have a wonderful eternity 😉

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