Shattered But Not Broken Part II

In writing my various post in this blog my intention is not to mud sling those who may be mentioned  in a generalized or direct way being that in this life we are touched positively or negatively by the presence and actions of others. Being as such this blog for me is apart of my healing process and as I analyze my expressions the grieving process is at work. It feels good to articulate things that have been held in for so long. I love my parents and would not trade them for any other, but must acknowledge the effects that their choices and influences have had directly in my life. I also love my two older brother who are my best friends…they know me like no other and have also hurt me like no other…and what I have learned is that wounds from our past can heal but scars remain. People who have hurt me don’t even realize their impact and some in denial…all the same I have forgiven them but have a right to let it all out. Making room for all the good things that are coming my way and bringing soundness into my soul in preparation for having my own children and remarriage. It is important to me that my heart be free of all grief from the past so wholeness can be shared from this day forward to all who will enter the sacred sphere of my life. Shalom.

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