Default Part II

So It takes two to tango…well… One thing is for sure two broken hearts need not unite. For one cannot extend wholeness without first obtaining it. We give what we have…so why perpetuate brokenness. Be free. Enjoy the process of building true and lasting friendships without compromise. Shune the thought that marriage is preferred over fornication or that fornication is preferred over marriage. Ignorance is bliss only for a season. Once the realities of the unities of husband and wife set in— you find it is much more than just two bodies entwined.You see such companionship is built off good faith and trust…the yoking of two lives united as ONE. Not to be confused with the faulty deceptive counterfeit to love but infatuation. This cheap loveĀ leaves many wounded in life. Disoriented by the facts that you and I were just never to be. Intoxication of desperation the potion of friends with benefits. How absurd. Patiently wait–allow trust to be built and fortified by life experiences… which will lead you to the safe harbor of True Love.

Written By LaQuita S. Thurman 11 October 2012

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