I still love him

Yes…he did it…with or without regrets. I may never know. Took my heart right outta my chest like a beast devoured it until there was nothing left. Took my heart poured out the contents and threw it down shattering it into a thousand pieces. Hear the sound… He took my heart. His prayer was that I would never stop loving him. If only he knew–it was his love that grew cold. He took my heart. With his boyish grin. His musical laughter and of course his intelligence. He took my heart with a simple  kind gesture moment to moment. He took my heart until I surrendered to the love growing inside of me. Yes, I will marry you rings in my ears. Forgiveness has a way of healing the most tragic of circumstances. He took my heart. Yet, I still love him enough to move on.

Written By LaQuita S.Thurman 11 October 2012

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