The Sky Is “NOT” falling….

Concerning this so called show-down of political propaganda on”To-be taxed or Not to-be taxed”…another”upper-cut” to the working class and middle class folks. FACT:The bible warns about storing up treasures on this earth where thieves break in and steal, where moth and dust corrupt…basically there is not protection for earthly goods. Material things are here today gone tomorrow…learn about! We hear of this tragic reality every-time a tornado, hurricane, tsunami, or earthquake shakes this continent. Oh! the frailty of human life so why place so much value on things. Is not the human life of far greater value. There are then people who’s treasure is stored up in heaven and although to the earthly eyes it does not look like much…God can see the sweat of their brow and spiritually speaking they are billionaires who will enjoy their wealth throughout eternity…TAX FREE…no man can take it away…not even nature itself will spoil their possessions…huh!!! There are people who break their back working more then two jobs…still fighting to live in this so called “Pursuit of Happiness”. Does hard-work pay off…sure! Consequently, many will never see it in this life…All forms of SLAVERY being a prime example. So too all those in tune..keep it push’in cause God can see you. It shall be well. BOTTOM LINE… God is the Provider and bills or no bills the sustainer of human life. Shalom.

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