Fools Gold

 I have been contemplating lately selfish prayers of others…yes the selfish prayers of others. I don’t know about you but it used to comfort me for someone to say “I am praying for you”. Consequently, after a recent conversation…I now ask, What exactly are you praying? I walked in on a horrible prayer being prayed on my behalf as if at any second I would be dead—seriously!!! Praise be to God that inspite of my enemies wishful thinking—I am alive and well. Amen. I am no longer naive to think the prayers of everyone are for my good. I have faced some devastating losses over the past few years on a very personal level…albeit not in comparison to all those affected by hurricane “Sandy” or “Katrina” but hurtful all the same. My prayers for myself and others is success and over all health: mental, physical, and spiritual. While people are projecting their desires toward me praying God bless according to how it is convenient for their life and needs. What I call Emotional Vampires seeking as it were to suck lifes energy right out of my body . By definition  people who are literally empty of their own choosing and life-style choices that leave them empty and joyless. Since I am around without spouse or children—my energy is up for grabs until there is nothing left…NOT!!!! I am venting slightly and know that it shall be well..but just want to make the point that there is power in agreement and many obstacles we face are coming from people who surround our lives and have the “Green Eye” thus they will speak blessings on you only if it benefits them. Well I am so glad my life does not revolve around man…God holds my life and decides what shall be and works ALL things together for my good…even selfish prayers.

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