Looking Back

Looking back in order to discern intricate life lessons

Presently the world spinning contemplation

Future waiting to be tapped

Limitless possibilities

Conflicts and Resolutions

Take two steps slide

Reconstruction of my mind


Inundation of knowledge

Increases forming dendrites

Producing actions

Pulse of energy traveling down the axon sending messages through the synaptic gap

Transformation higher heights

Destination impact

Liberation of past regrets


Community development

Historical preservation

Through oral forms

Beauty is in the eyes

Photographic imprints

Kaleidoscope Rhythm on canvas

Cultural diversity

Daughter of the hill not a place ideal

Made it through the cracks

Not ashamed to look back

Reach out and touch mamma, grandmamma, and them

A specially designed gift to this world

Encompassing the dreams and prayers of many generations

My purpose

Transformational leadership

Shattering all statistical data

What’s the matter?

African pride indeed

Nubian Princess

Wrapped in the garment of this beautiful wilderness

Home of my native ancestor’s

Mighty Spirit breathe on me that I might speak tongues of other lands

Transference of cultural messages

Jambo, Hola, Koneechiwa, Gootentag, Chawucha

Est-ce que vous parler francais?

Oui, Je suis parler francais

Mixture of many voices

Creates the anthem song

We’ve come this far by faith

Peace be still

Steady on the rock

A catalyst for change

Staring down the harden eyes of disdain

Nooses are not for necks but for holding ships in place on docks receiving exports

So I import this thought to you change has come

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