Leaning on the everlasting arms

Which molded us from the dust

Yet removed use from Eden’s bliss

Out of the midst serpent tempt

Forbidden fruits

Sweet to taste bitter roots

Word denied

Humanities decline of intellectual innocency

Twisted don’t miss this

Techknowledge increase

Worldwide network global unity

 Deceptive on a micro level

While families are disheveled

Communities in dire need of cohesivity

Societal changes rearrange the face of church and state

Religion once a belief now a form of meaningless ritualistic costume parties

Pomp and pride like a garment to tight

Squeezing the life out of sympathy empathy

Tearless eyes for fellowmen exempt from privilege

Facing hard times others doing time for crimes of non conformity

To the customs of the majority rules

Fool’s gold won’t pay your bills stop popp’in them pills of unbelief

Reality of economic depression brings chill

Arctic melt down lost count of oil spills

Global destruction

Money hungry tycoons

 Raping the earth of its resources repeatedly

Until life hangs in the balance your check book

Crooks in the red

Blood shed

Throughout the earth


Will it ever stop?

Pop inflation

Paper chase’ in

Instead of ends meet

We meet the end

Of our rope


By the corruption of unethical leaders


Shall free us from these prison bars

 Is there really life on Mars?

Because we need all the help we can get

 Gather the Elders


Dream dreams of past present future events


This race is coming to an end

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