Silence Is Deadly

The insidious killer of hopes and dreams…the silence of those you love…abandonment...detaching themselves from you the connections of touch being loved want nothing but distance cold indifference to your need for intimacy or…the sound of your voice talking please let me be in my silent mental agony to breathe stressful despair while disappointments strangle the life out of wanting something better like fetters these thoughts of angst crush the beauty of dying day…oh let love wash over me again washing a way the filthy stench of rejections self-reflections of all I wished I could be as if this is my last day on the earth see coming up short every time never standing still my heart beats  beats beats slowly becomes like steel to the realities of this harsh life or people with this life flowing through them why are you pushing me away why hold on to pain why looking into to these hands these hands that reach out to comfort these hands that need to be held by you lead me through this dark valley of bones choking back my tears fighting to believe what I believe is words can kill or words can heal my beloved’s words are like medicine to my wounded heart thirsty for a drink of you thoughts.


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