Note to self

Do not mind the fact when you encounter bitter individuals. You know the type….as soon as you enter the room they strike you with an evil eye. Yes there are those full to the brim with bitterness to the extent that your smiling face and kind demeanor is like nails on a chalkboard. Do no mind the fact that when you greet them they glare at you as if your very existence pains them. You see…bitter individuals are broken. Their discomfort with themselves and their bitter memories compel them to hurt others. Why do you ask? Lets not bother to climb into the mind of a bitter individual who delights in bringing such a dark atmosphere. Rather let us focus on peace and joy. I know it really does hurt when you kindly reach out to another only to receive hatred unfounded….unforgiveness can do that. On an objective level keep being kind, keep being loving, keep making peace and not war. Why you ask? Cause evil begets evil so in-order to break the cycle of evil one must love.

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