Life is a journey. There is no part of this journey one does not meet people along the way. These people are in all manner of conditions. What is painful is the hurts we experience at the hand of others. Its never mandatory that one must hurt another human being, animals, and our natural surrounding. My soul is weary to see the wars, acts of hatred, violent terrorist attacks, and just every day people taking out their own self hate, degradation, and/or frustration on the nearest vunerable person. It shouldn’t be so. Always the news is full to the brim with the next tradegy never consistent for while one family grieves in the headlines others are not acknowledged yet their cries go out into the universe. Can you hear the weary earth shake, shudder, and grown at the abuse at the hands of humanity. Can you feel it in the air, see it in the wind, and hear it in the thunder. The earth is crying because of all the blood pouring onto the earth. The earth is crying along with all those who are weary. Our planet is in a state of mourning.

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