Where Is He

Where is that one…Yes that one who will come. He will come and respectfully introduce himself, polite, elegant, classy, well kept, educated, and kind. Where is he. I ask not out of desperation…no…never that. I ask because one to many counterfeits have sought his royal position. Where is he. If a woman is the rib…where is the body…the souls match. Where is he. This is not a question that is why there is not need for question marks. It is a declaration to the atmosphere. He exist so where is he. I know in time all will come together. Time right now moves slow like the first trip to the moon. Let my voice ripple throughout the universe where is the lover to match my love so we can reproduce ourselves into beautiful offspring. Where Is He. My heart seeks the validation of your existence outside of my internal thoughts. Show yourself. I have become impatient after all these years. All good things take time to ripen so when love is ripe it will manifest. Until such time my heart will declare to the atmosphere Where Is He.

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